• Nada lakhal

    Nada lakhal

  • Cassi Henderson

    Cassi Henderson

  • Phil Bresnahan

    Phil Bresnahan

    When I’m not in the water, I’m building tools at to study and protect it. Working hard to provide access to awe.

  • sannmer


  • Matthias Mack

    Matthias Mack

  • Nathan Vexler

    Nathan Vexler

    Programmer Analyst @StatCan_eng @WaterlooENG SYDE Grad. Montrealer at heart. #Hintonburg resident. 💗 #edtech, #civictech, #opendata, #design, #music and #food.

  • Saad Chinoy

    Saad Chinoy

  • Rafaella Antoniou

    Rafaella Antoniou

    PhD student and EU Horizon-funded research assistant. I love to write about academia and life.

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